CSDNR Receives Nearly $24,000 Rebate for Energy Savings Program

The City School District of New Rochelle received a $23,943 rebate check this week for reducing its energy usage during peak periods this past summer. The rebate was earned through a “demand response” program from Sustainable Westchester and its partner, Logical Buildings. 

As part of the program, the school district turned off air conditioning for four-hour periods when there was peak demand on the electrical grid. The shutoffs occurred when students and staff were either out of the buildings or when the buildings had been pre-cooled to a comfortable temperature. 

The rebate check was presented before a meeting of the Green Schools Committee, which has prioritized developing a comprehensive utility management program to maximize the conservation of natural resources. 

“Strategically curbing energy consumption during peak times aligns with our school district’s strategic goal of managing resources efficiently and economically. It seamlessly connects with the priority of our Green Schools Committee to reduce the school district’s carbon footprint,” expressed Superintendent Corey W. Reynolds. “The acknowledgment through this rebate is a testament to our dedication to fostering an environmentally sustainable school district, ensuring a greener future for our students and community alike.”