Salgado Outlines Proposed Allocation Criteria re: Remaining DOZ Units

By Stephen E. Lipken

New Rochelle Mayor Yadira Ramos-Herbert opened the May 21 Regular Legislative Meeting (RLM), featuring Resolution 12, “Proposed Allocation Criteria re: Remaining Downtown Overlay Zone (DOZ) Units.”

According to Commissioner of Development Adam Salgado,  “In 2015 City Council adopted the DOZ which allocated residential units across six district zones, to which two additional zones were subsequently added in order to be responsive to evolving market conditions and demand.

“Affordable Housing:

Prioritize the City’s local resident preference for affordable units as measured by Area Median  Income (AMI) up to the 80% level.

Prioritize projects that provide a tiered mixed income approach.  Projects shall limit all tiers to no more than 30% at any one income level.  This AMI limitation will be applied to both  individual building and immediate adjacent area. Projects shall not be located within 500 feet (measured by the linear distance between respective main entrances), of another existing or approved affordable DOZ development project.

Item 12 passed by roll call vote.

Salgado listed proposed submissions for Multiple Federal Grants.

1. United States Department of Transportation Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A)City is applying for SS4A grant funding in the amount of -$8,475,703 to support the construction of Quaker Ridge Road Complete Streets project.  Based on the estimated cost of -$16,125,600, the City will need to appropriate an additional -$1,819,722 in City funds.

2. United States Department of Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP) City is applying for ATIIP grant to support final design of the Pinebrook Boulevard Complete Streets project.  Requested grant funding is $2,000,000 which would necessitate a $400,000 City match.

3. United States Department of Energy Local Government Energy Program Communities Sparking Investment in Transformative Energy (C-SITE)

The City is seeking C-SITE grant funding to support a future program of affordable residential housing with upgrades compliant with clean energy and sustainability initiatives. Requested grant is $3,600,000 with a $180,000 City match. 

Item 4 was passed as part of the Consent Agenda.