Yard Waste Collection Began April 1

The Department of Public Works, Bureau of Streets and Highways began Yard Waste Collection on Monday, April 1, 2024. Residents are reminded that in order to be collected, yard waste must be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. (6am during summer months) on the scheduled collection day, or after 10PM on the night before. Observe the following guidelines:

Brush and branches:  No longer than 4 feet in length with a diameter of no more than 3 inches, tied in bundles. DO NOT tie with nylon line, tape or metal wire. 

Grass, twigs, leaves and other loose yard waste: Place in open containers or biodegradable paper bags weighing no more than 75 lbs. 

Logs, stumps, stones, dirt, fruit, seaweed, clumps of grass, treated wood chips, root balls, acorns and other large debris WILL NOT BE COLLECTED and must be disposed of by the homeowner. See for further information.

Collection days and areas are as follows: 

Monday: North side of Quaker Ridge Road to Scarsdale border

Tuesday: North side of Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive, and Barnard Road, to the south side of Quaker Ridge Road

Wednesday: North side of Metro North Railroad to the south side of Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive and Barnard Road

Thursday: South of the Metro North Railroad

When a holiday occurs on any of the collection days, Friday is the alternate collection day. Yard waste collection will continue until the last week in October.  

For further information, visit or contact the Bureau of Streets and Highways at (914) 235-4029 during business hours 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Landscapers are reminded that the organic transfer station is still closed for drop-offs but will open early summer 2024.

LEAF BLOWER REMINDER: City Code allows for use of leaf blowers up until May 31. Permitted hours are weekdays between 8AM-5PM and Saturdays and Sundays 10AM-5PM.