City Hall to Spotlight Women Artists and “The Female Gaze”

“The Female Gaze” will be the next exhibit at the New Rochelle Council on the Arts Rotunda Gallery at City Hall. Coinciding with Women’s History Month, the exhibit will run from March 4th through April 26th, with an artists’ reception on Tuesday, March 12th.

This will be the first exhibit for the NRCA Rotunda Gallery’s new chair Lynn Honeysett, and she has brought together a diverse group of women artists whose work explores what it means to be a woman today. “When we think about the history of art, we reflexively use a common framework, which is a male point of view, to see and interpret the world,” observed Honeysett. “The “male gaze” became the de facto authority, most troublesome when it describes women. I became intrigued with the notion of how women artists, free of the male gaze, experience and describe their bodies, spirituality, community, children, passions, domestic life, careers, and the world at large.” 

The artists on exhibit in “The Female Gaze” include Anki King, Alexi Rutsch Brock, Eleanor Miller, Emmanuelle Loiselle, Marie Hines Cowan, Naomi Grossman, Sol Kjok, and Emlyn Tavares. “These artists embrace the ambiguities of genuinely lived lives, rich in complexity and mystery,” says Honeysett, who calls them “deep sea explorers into what it means to be a woman.”

Lynn Honeysett, a member of NRCA’s Advisory Board, was the dynamic leader of the Pelham Art Center for more than 7 years, serving as its Executive Director; prior to that she was Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications at the United Way. Trained as an artist at the National Academy of Art in NYC, since retiring from PAC Honeysett has been immersed in painting again, and this combined experience as both an artist and a gallerist informs her approach to the NRCA Rotunda Gallery.

“My aim is to deliver exhibitions that excite and educate as well as shine a light on the artists, their vision and their processes,” says Honeysett.