An important message from
Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond

Dear New Rochelle Community,


I would like to alert you to a situation that recently occurred after school hours near Isaac E. Young Middle School. A student was spotted riding a bicycle carrying what appeared to be a gun, but what was determined to be a realistic looking plastic toy gel blaster. School administration was alerted immediately after security personnel confiscated the toy gun. The New Rochelle Police Department responded to the scene and conducted a safety assessment of the situation.


There was never any intent to harm, and students and staff were never in any danger. Staff took appropriate action and quickly resolved the situation. We are also truly grateful to community members who witnessed and reported the incident.   


We kindly ask that you continue to partner with us in creating a safe learning environment for all students by reinforcing with your children that weapons, including toys and look-alikes, are neither appropriate for nor permitted in or around our schools. We are grateful that no harm was caused to this student because of today’s incident. 


Please remind your children that toys resembling dangerous weapons can put them in harm’s way and have very serious and grave consequences. Be mindful of what your children are purchasing and let them know clearly that nothing resembling a weapon can be anywhere around our schools. Possessing such items in and around our schools can result in serious disciplinary and legal consequences.


The safety of our students and staff is our top priority, both during school hours and when students are not in our schools. We will always act out of an abundance of caution to ensure all our students and staff are safe.


We are grateful for your ongoing support. It is worth repeating: if you see something, say something.