It's Coding, and It's the Future, at Trinity Elementary

Trinity Elementary School students recently spent time integrating coding as part of “Hour of Code Week.” Teachers facilitated a variety of coding activities to promote computer science.


Second-graders practiced coding with mouse robots with Maria Torres, a Mercy College STEM Ambassador who advocates the importance of computer science in the future. Third-graders got an introduction to coding, using ozobots, a color-coding robot using red, green, black, and blue markers. They created codes for different speeds and directions. 


Fourth-graders participated in geometry and coding activities using ozobots as well. They physically practiced what each special movement and speed looked like to review vocabulary before starting their Ozobot coding challenge. Teacher Meera Rajani, who is part of the Mercy STEM Ambassadors, had her fourth-grade students code a dance using a application. In addition, Terri Agravat’s fourth- and fifth-grade STEAM students used Scratch to create a space scene with characters that “emote” to share their thoughts or feelings.


Trinity provided several coding activities to show how coding” can be as simple as giving a person directions or creating a dance party.