Police Blotter

Homicide Update: Arrest Warrant Issued

New Rochelle Detectives have obtained a Warrant of Arrest regarding the Homicide that occurred on October 26th, 2022 on Horton Avenue and Colonel Lee Archer Boulevard. 


WANTED FOR MURDER: MTAYARI Z. DIXON, 29 years of age, formerly from New Rochelle but currently known to reside in Stamford, Connecticut. The Warrant calls for full extradition from any U.S. State. Anyone with current information of his whereabouts are encouraged to call New Rochelle Police Detectives at 914-654-2300.

HOMICIDE UPDATE – VICTIM INFORMATION: James Caldwell Jr, 29 years of age, of New Rochelle. The New Rochelle Police Department extend condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Caldwell. Anyone with information regarding this homicide is asked to contact the New Rochelle Police Department at 914-654-2300.


HOMICIDE: On October 26, 2022, at about 5:54pm, New Rochelle Police received multiple calls of shots fired, and that a person was shot near the intersection of Horton Avenue and Colonel Lee Archer Boulevard. Upon arrival, New Rochelle Police located a person on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. New Rochelle Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel administered first aid and the victim was transported to a local hospital. The victim, a 29-year-old male resident of New Rochelle, ultimately succumbed to his injuries. New Rochelle Detectives are actively investigating this incident and encourage anyone with any information relating to this shooting to call New Rochelle Police Headquarters at 914-654-2300. The name of the victim is being withheld at this time and will be released after the family is fully notified.


Burglary Robbery Assault Arrest

On Thursday October 27th, 2022 at about 5:59pm, New Rochelle Police received a call of a possible burglary occurring at a home on Morgan Street.  Officers responded and found that the suspect had left the scene and that illegal entry was not made.  Shortly thereafter at about 6:26pm, New Rochelle Police received a call of a robbery occurring in the parking lot of 10 Davenport Avenue and that the suspect fled to the parking lot of 33 Davenport Avenue and was attempting to flee in a vehicle.  As the first officer arrived in the parking lot of 33 Davenport Ave, the suspected intentionally rammed into the police vehicle, injuring the officer and causing significant damage to the police car.  The suspect continued to flee in his vehicle but got stuck in traffic and was apprehend by additional New Rochelle Police Officers.  Additional victims came forward and reported other robbery, larceny and assault incidents that occurred at both 10 Davenport Ave and 33 Davenport Ave.  New Rochelle Detectives responded to sort through and investigate all reported crimes.  Further investigation revealed that this suspect was also involved in the original incident on Morgan Street.  He was placed under arrest and taken to Police Headquarters.


ARRESTED: Devon K. March, 31 years of age, of the Bronx, NY.


CHARGES: The suspect was booked on multiple charges of Larceny, Burglary, Robbery and Assault.



On Friday, October 28th, 2022 at about 7:36pm, New Rochelle Police received a call of a possible burglary occurring at a home on Storer Avenue.  The complainant told the police that he was not home but received a notification from an interior security camera that someone was in the home.  New Rochelle Police Officers and Detectives responded and located the suspect in the backyard with a full backpack.  The suspect dropped the backpack and proceeded to run away in an attempt to evade capture.  After a brief foot chase, the suspect was apprehended.  The backpack left in the backyard was full of proceeds of the burglary and a pried open window was found in the back of the home.  The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to Police Headquarters.


ARRESTED: Louis Garcia-Comas, 29 years of age, of Queens, NY.


CHARGES: NYS Penal Law 140.25 Burglary 2nd Degree – C Felony; NYS Penal Law 160.50 Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 3rd degree – D Felony; and NYS Penal Law 140.35 Possession of Burglar’s Tools – A misdemeanor.


Found Gun

On November 1st, 2022 at about 12:38pm, New Rochelle Police were alerted by Daniel Webster Elementary School Staff that there appeared to be a firearm that can be seen through a schoolyard fence, partially buried in a dirt area near a tree.  New Rochelle Police Officers and Detectives responded to investigate.  Police located an unloaded silver 9mm semiautomatic handgun, with a fully loaded magazine next to it, partially buried in dirt and leaves.  The area where it was found was not readily accessible by students or passersby, as it was about 6 feet above the sidewalk behind a retaining wall.  Although it could be seen from the schoolyard, it was not accessible to students due to the high fence.  New Rochelle Detectives are requesting that anyone with any information regarding this incident to call New Rochelle Police Headquarters at 914-654-2300.


Handgun Arrest

On November 10th, 2022, at about 6:15pm, New Rochelle Police received information that a person was in illegal possession of a handgun in the vicinity of North Avenue and Sickles Avenue. New Rochelle Police Officers responded and observed a person fitting the description that was given. The person was stopped, and further investigation revealed that he was in illegal possession of a loaded .38 caliber revolver. He was subsequently placed under arrest and brought to Police Headquarters for booking.


ARRESTED: Patric Brown, 57 years of age, of Mt. Vernon, NY.


CHARGES: NYS Penal Law Section 265.03 Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Degree – C Felony


Shots Fired — 1 Victim 

Located Update

The victim, a 22-year-old male originally from Mt Vernon and whom Detectives have now learned to be a recent New Rochelle resident, was shot 3 times and is in stable condition.  The suspect fled in a dark colored sedan and Detectives believe there were multiple occupants in the vehicle at the time.  New Rochelle Detectives are asking for anyone with information about this shooting to call 914-654-2300. 


ORIGINAL NOVEMBER 8TH, 2022 PRESS RELEASE: On November 8th, 2022, at about 1:12pm, New Rochelle Police received a call of shots being fired in front of 345 Main Street.  Responding Officers located one victim with multiple gunshot wounds, conscious and alert, on the public sidewalk in front of 345 Main Street.  Officers rendered first aid and New Rochelle Fire and EMS personnel arrived and continued life saving measures.  The victim, a 22-year-old male from Mt Vernon, NY, was transported to a local hospital for treatment where he is listed as in stable condition.  His name is not being released at this time.  New Rochelle Detectives believe the victim was the intended target of the shooter.  This is an active investigation and anyone with information regarding this shooting should call the New Rochelle Police main phone line at 914-654-2300.