Mayor Bramson Announcement

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson announced last month that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2023.


In a letter to the New Rochelle community, Bramson expressed a “deep sense of gratitude – for the partnership of colleagues in government, for the energy, wisdom, and generosity of supporters, and, above all, for the trust and confidence of the people of New Rochelle.”


When his term concludes at the end of 2023, Bramson will have served New Rochelle for nearly three decades – eighteen years as mayor and ten years as a member of the City Council. He has won five mayoral elections, each by a landslide margin.


Bramson’s legacy is wide-ranging. Under his leadership, New Rochelle is experiencing the most dynamic growth in a century, with unprecedented economic development throughout its downtown. Bramson was instrumental in advancing the City’s environmental goals by writing and adopting New Rochelle’s first sustainability plan. Working with colleagues in the City Administration and Council, Bramson advocated for and approved record investments in infrastructure, parks, and capital assets. And Bramson was front and center in securing competitive national and state grants for innovative initiatives such as the LINC and NRVR.


In addition, Bramson led New Rochelle through some of its most challenging experiences: the Great Recession of 2008, which imposed enormous pressures on cities throughout America, and the COVID crisis, when the city was in the global spotlight as an initial epicenter of the viral outbreak.


“Our progress today is made even more gratifying by the memory of challenges overcome,” said Bramson. “Far and wide, New Rochelle is viewed now as an innovative leader with an exceptionally bright future. And through it all, we have preserved what is best in our civic character – an inclusive spirit that celebrates diversity and welcomes people of every tradition and circumstance.”


Bramson’s service was lauded by several colleagues and partners:


State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “Through years of dedicated and effective leadership, Noam has earned the respect of colleagues across Westchester and New York State. He has been a strong voice for progressive values and has played a vital role in New Rochelle’s dramatic positive strides. I have been proud to represent and work with Noam and know that he will continue making important contributions to our community.”


County Executive George Latimer said, “Noam has been a friend and partner for nearly 30 years, highlighted by our work together the COVID-19 crisis. He has done an exceptional job guiding New Rochelle through a dynamic transitional time. We’ve been fortunate to have his leadership.”


City Manager Chuck Strome said, “For the great majority of my tenure as City Manager, I have worked with Noam as the City’s Mayor. He has been New Rochelle’s chief elected official through both difficult and good times, and has always been willing to stand up and be the face of our City to its residents no matter how good or bad the situation was. From the financial difficulties we faced during the national collapse of 2008, to New Rochelle being the early epicenter of the COVID pandemic, Noam was there to lead. I was extremely thankful for his ability to help guide us through the pandemic with his honest and straightforward communication with our residents.

 Noam has always sought to improve our City, balancing development with sustainability and resiliency, whether on the waterfront, in the downtown or in our many diverse neighborhoods. His leadership and support of our ongoing downtown revitalization has been a major factor in its success. It has been my pleasure to serve with Noam and I wish him well in his future endeavors.”


Marsha Gordon, President/CEO of the Business Council of Westchester said, “In any discussion of Westchester communities that are moving forward, New Rochelle will immediately come to mind. And with that status comes the name Noam Bramson. In a very real sense, today’s exciting city and its visionary Mayor have become one. Under Noam’s leadership and steady hand, New Rochelle continues to transform in ways that capture the best of new architecture, construction, and design, while retaining the character and unique multi-ethnic blend of residents from all walks of life. As Mayor, Noam has shown the way. He is both businesslike and compassionate, a combination that has served his city so well. On a personal note, it was such an honor for me to co-chair the local planning committee with Mayor Bramson when New Rochelle was awarded the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) designation. The initiatives identified through that process will become part of Mayor Bramson’s legacy to New Rochelle and the region. Mayor Bramson has left an indelible mark on the Queen City and set the path for his successors to follow. Bravo Noam.”


Tom Wright, President/CEO of the Regional Plan Association said, “Noam Bramson leaves an incredible legacy of public service and inspired leadership to New Rochelle and the tri- state metropolitan region. During his administration, New Rochelle demonstrated how a community could create balanced, sustainable growth by building on its unique assets and providing a clear vision. He has been a wonderful partner and collaborator, looking for creative ways to address affordable housing, climate resilience and regional infrastructure challenges by bringing together the public, private and civic sectors. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and thank him for his years of public service.”