Community/Incubator Space to be
Developed at 11 Garden Street

By Stephen E. Lipken



Mayor Noam Bramson opened the New Rochelle City Council Regular Legislative Meeting on March 15th, beginning with first Consent Agenda item, entering into a professional agreement with Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor Architectural and Engineering Services, PC to develop a community/incubator space at 11 Garden Street.


In 2019, the City approved a 19-story residential development with 219 affordable rental dwelling units ranging from 30-80% Area Media Income (AMI).  As part of this development, the City negotiated inclusion of an 8,000 square feet community/incubator space in portions of the ground and second floors.  


This new space will provide vocational training, business incubation, co-working space, education and economic development opportunities for the community.


Next, Council engaged Brooker Engineering PLLC for a Citywide Drainage Study Program, analyzing watersheds Hutchinson River; Stephenson Brook; Sheldrake River; Pinebrook; Shore and Burling Brook.


Resolution 7 was passed, Amendment to Section 111-22, Elevators, Escalators and Similar Equipment, “Use of any car stacking system…will be limited to one elevated platform, with one additional car parked underneath this elevated platform…This code does not pertain to open exterior car stackers not contained within a building.”


Resolution 8 concerned Section 279-5, Sprinkler Systems—Standards for Installation.  “Any building containing car stackers/lift systems with a single-lift platform shall be protected by an automatic sprinkler system designed to Extra Hazard (Group 2) for a maximum of two cars stacked vertically in the same location.”    


“Considering all of the development that is going on in New Rochelle, with all the high-rises   and cars parked underneath, these are ongoing safety considerations. As far as car storage, should there be a fire in the basement of these buildings, we came up with something that works for the developers,” Fire Chief/Commissioner Adam Sandor explained.