Numerous Grants and Bonds
on City Council RLM Agenda

By Stephen E. Lipken 


New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson opened City Council Regular Legislative Meeting (RLM) on Tuesday, January 17th.  The first item on the Consent Agenda was appointment of incoming City Manager Kathleen Gill (photo) to the New Rochelle Industrial Development Agency and New Rochelle Corporation for Local Development Boards.  


Second Consent Agenda item was a Resolution accepting a $500,000 grant from NYS Environmental Protection Fund Grant Program for Parks, Preservation & Heritage (EPF) through the Regional Economic Development Councils and Consolidated Funding Application Round 12 Initiative relative to the future of Hudson Park Revitalization – Phase 1 Project.


The third Consent Agenda item concerned a $71,418 Invest-In-Kids grant award from Westchester County Youth Bureau to New Rochelle Youth Bureau to support the STEP University, establishing a step program for elementary youth.  The grant is from 2023 to 2025 at $71,418 per year.


Legislation involved Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities (CSC) grant program, covering 1) Extreme heat and emergencies; 2) shoreline resiliency and 3) environmental, social, governance metrics and annual reporting framework.  Total cost is $200,000 of which 50% is grant funds and 50% ($100,000) from the City.

The next item concerned replacement of the Hudson Marina Parking Garage structure with a new precast concrete parking facility.  The project was awarded to GPI/Greenman-Pederson, the highest bidder at $1,297,070, plus 20% contingency totaling $1,556,484.


Gill explained that the project was sensitive because it was located on the waterfront, with additional architectural costs, noting that the other bidders did not appreciate the scope of the project and complications involved.  Acting Commissioner of Public Works Jessica Paladino noted that GPI brought in an architect and architectural team that fully involved the community.


Issuance of bonds included $4,800,000 for sewer system improvements; $5,000,000, City-wide drainage improvements; $2,825,000 for acquisition of firefighting vehicles; $2,724,000, acquisition and installation of traffic signals at various locations; $1,000,000, reconstruction of various City roads; $8,000,000, re-construction of Hudson Marina and $155,000 to purchase city passenger vehicles.