New Rochelle Breaks Ground on $4M Transformation of Anderson Street and Plaza

In what is an innovative public-private partnership, developers Wilder Balter Partners and LMXD and the City of New Rochelle have begun construction on a $4M transformation of Anderson Plaza and Anderson Street in downtown New Rochelle that is expected to be a bellwether for the city’s continued evolution as an inclusive, forward-thinking walkable city. 


Anderson Street is a one-way thoroughfare between North Avenue and LeCount Place in New Rochelle’s Downtown Overlay Zone, and Anderson Plaza is an adjoining, underutilized public open space. The renovated plaza will provide a versatile public retail corridor with bubbler play fountains, new seating options, refreshed landscaping, and a café building to help activate the space with complementary retail or local services. Roadway reconfigurations and regrading will allow traffic on Anderson Street to be controlled so the plaza and roadway can be temporarily pedestrianized and used as a welcoming outdoor event space for farmers’ markets, festivals, and live performances. 


With this project underway, and after three years of comprehensive planning with the renowned design firm Starr Whitehouse, the transformative project will enrich the public realm, enhance walkability and neighborhood vibrancy, and improve the quality-of-life of residents, while increasing foot traffic and activity.  


By creating a neighborhood focal point and adding value for the community, downtown residents, shoppers, and workers, this project will create an increasingly attractive environment for transit-oriented development in New Rochelle.


At the ceremonial groundbreaking today, visitors were able to catch an early glimpse of what the plaza will look like through VR technology using NRVR, the city’s community engagement platform. The construction on Anderson Plaza is expected to be completed in early 2023. 


“The new Anderson Plaza renovation illustrates New Rochelle’s commitment to pedestrian-friendly urban design and to ensuring that economic development results in a stronger community with a higher quality of life for all of us.”  said Mayor Noam Bramson. “I look forward to this enhanced space becoming a hub of positive activity that contributes to the health and vitality of our central business district and of our city as a whole.”


“The revitalization of Anderson Plaza is just one of many improvements to the pedestrian experience to come to downtown New Rochelle,” said City Manager Charles B. Strome III. “As we continue to grow and invest in our community, these new and improved communal spaces will offer downtown visitors and residents a space for engagement and respite from the busy city streets.”


“New Rochelle is a prime example of what busy New Yorkers dream of – everything young professionals or a growing family could want, just outside of New York City,” said Adam Salgado, Development Commissioner for the City of New Rochelle. “The redevelopment of Anderson Plaza is just one example of how we invest in our community and offer a welcoming, engaging, quality space for our neighbors.”


“Wilder Balter Partners and LMXD are thrilled to have begun work on the redevelopment of Anderson Plaza,” said Katherine Kelman, Managing Director, LMXD. “The opportunity to provide New Rochelle residents with a rejuvenated public plaza and a purpose-designed location for civic events in the heart of Downtown is in line with our mission to build vibrant, mixed-income communities.””Starr Whitehouse is proud to support the City of New Rochelle, Wilder Balter, and LMXD to reinvigorate public spaces downtown,” said Laura Starr, Partner, Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners. “By bringing nature into the city and creating welcoming social spaces, the Anderson Plaza design will make downtown New Rochelle more healthy, inclusive, and livable.”


Anderson Plaza is a product of extensive public-private negotiations as a result of the Downtown’s revitalization efforts. Other notable community amenities that have resulted from public-private partnerships include the Black Box Theater space at 595 Main Street, and a community and gallery space to be operated by The Lincoln Park Conservancy, Inc. at 393 Huguenot Street. 


With its unparalleled location, superb quality of life, diverse and talented residents, and a focused business climate, New Rochelle is experiencing the transformation of a generation. The City’s current economic development plan will provide a spark for the entire Hudson Valley region, positioning the City as “open for business” and embracing smart, transit-oriented development growth patterns that promote open space, its close proximity to New York City, and opportunities for businesses to rebound, recover and succeed in the current economic climate. Accelerated by a new, fast-track zoning process along with resources for small businesses and micro-enterprises, the ongoing Master Development initiative will continue to enhance the downtown area by supporting job creation, property values, and private investment – while enhancing sustainability and livability through green and energy-efficient design. 


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