Series of Summer Concerts at Ruby Dee Park Planned

By Stephen E. Lipken


New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson convened the March 21st City Council Regular Legislative Meeting with Resolutions declaring Lead Agency Status relative to Eminent Domain Procedure Law (EDPL) for acquiring property with establishment of a public use at 662 Main Street and 625 North Avenue, directing a Public Hearing on April 11th. 


An Ordinance was approved, proposed amendment to the 2023 Budget, authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with PMG 97 LLC for production of a summer concert series at Ruby Dee Park.  


“We are really excited to present a contract to work with a reputable event-producing company that is going to do a summer concert series at Ruby Dee Park every Saturday, starting on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, proceeding through October and leaving some space for local folks we have worked with, including local vendors on Lawton Street and restaurants,”  Deputy City Manager/Commissioner of Development Adam Salgado stated. 


“In addition, they have commissioned to work with Volunteer New York! and talked to the Youth Bureau about creating the opportunity for some to work with that company.  We will train and work with them.”


“It is really exciting that we are able to fund activities of this kind,” Bramson added.  “I am delighted to present first-rate programming that will appeal to the whole City.”  Salgado added that cost of the contract is $218,000 with additional funds for marketing.


Another Ordinance added two members to the African American Advisory Committee, bringing total membership to 11.


Regarding changes to Section 331-4, Zoning, Lead Agency Status and scheduling Public Hearing, City Manager Kathleen Gill remarked that there were complaints regarding property owners who do not reside there with different people going in and out, disrupting the neighborhood. Paul Vacca, Commissioner, Department of Buildings agreed that some Airbnb units are rented illegally on a transient basis. However, homeowners are allowed to rent one room to not more than two people and an entire house for six months.