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September 2020

The Westchester Performing Arts Accelerator launches Fall, 2020

The Westchester Performing Arts Accelerator (WPAA) helps artists develop essential resources   and   distribution   capabilities   by   providing   a   pathway   to   a   live video broadcast,  recording  sessions,  marketing  support,  professional  advisors,  and  digital crowdsourcing tools to fund tuition costs.


If you are a...


• Band with a growing following, but currently without the resources and access to produce new music


• Working Playwright or Actor who needs a venue to stage a new musical or play


• Dancer/Choreographer looking to stage a new performance piece


• Hard working Comedian crafting a new special


The WPAA can be the place for you to realize your next project.


Executive Director Dan Tashman has assembled some of  the  best  venues,  studios,  and media partners in Westchester to support local artists as they plan, produce, execute, and distribute their next professional projects.


To help artists cover tuition costs, the WPAA has partnered  with  LaunchMusic,  a  digital crowdfunding platform specifically designed for musicians and performing artists.


Accepted applicants work with the WPAA, LMC Media, and LaunchMusic to plan and produce a crowdfunding campaign with sale-able 'perks' that an  artists'  supporters can purchase to fund tuition.


Funded artists will be provided audio, video, and photography services, leading up to a live performance broadcast on LMC Media’s platforms.


Artists will also receive advisory services from Westchester industry  professionals, and marketing & design support to develop their brand identity/press kit.


Participating venues and vendors include The Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck, LAB Media Empire in New Rochelle, Frequency Recording in White Plains, and LMC  Media in Mamaroneck with additional venues and vendors to be announced soon.

"Most of us realize how much local artists need our support these days, but we also  need to understand how much we need them. We need them to keep Westchester  the vibrant, creative community it is, and help it continue to evolve to become the place we want it to be. This program allows local artists a pathway to continue speaking their voice, their art, their purpose, at a time when traditional resources may not be available." said WPAA Executive Director Dan Tashman.


Applications for enrollment begin Monday, September 21, 2020 and conclude Friday, November 13, 2020 for the 2021 Program.


For more information, visit acceleratewestchester.com