May 2019

Webster First-Graders Learn Cultures Through Dance

First-graders at Daniel Webster Magnet School wrapped up Black History Month with a celebration of dance.


In a March 1 show, they danced to the music of Nigeria, the Georgia Sea Islands and Jamaica. They were taught in a residency by Livia Drapkin Vanaver of the Vanaver Caravan, an international, non-profit dance and music troupe based in New Paltz, N.Y.


"This program allowed each first-grade class to gain an understanding of the cultural traditions, dance styles and music of three distinct cultures of the world," said Magnet Facilitator Kathleen Coyne.


The program included music and dance performed by professional artists as well.

Incorporating the first-grade social studies and sociology-humanities studies, the program focused on building five C's in the students - celebration of diversity, cultural awareness, community building, character growth and creative expression.




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