January 2018

New Rochelle High School Student Slain, Arrest Made

By Stephen E. Lipken


On Thursday, January 11th, Assistant New Rochelle Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller held a briefing in the Police Department Training Room to report the death Valaree Schwab, 16 who was fatally stabbed on Wednesday, January 10 at 12:20 p.m. at the Dunkin’ Donuts store, 646 North Avenue.


“The victim was conveyed to Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx where she subsequently passed away.


From what we have been able to determine there was a confrontation between the victim and a group of five or six males and female youths.  During the confrontation the female youth in the group stabbed the victim twice in the left side of the torso with what appears to be a steak knife.


“The group then fled the area. We have identified the suspect…as Z’Inah Brown age 16 of Yonkers.”


Mayor Noam Bramson; New Rochelle High School Principal Reginald Richardson; Superintendent Brian Osborne and City Manager Charles B. Strome III appeared in City Hall Rotunda at 12:00 Noon.


“As you know…, the New Rochelle Police provided a briefing on the criminal investigation associated with yesterday’s fatal stabbing and it is important for those of us here to defer to our public safety professionals with regard to comment on any aspect of that investigation,” Bramson began.


“But because an event of this kind shakes all of us it is equally important at a moment like this for civic leaders to speak to our community as a whole.  In this spirit, I would like to make three points:


“First, and most importantly, what occurred yesterday is a profound and heartbreaking human tragedy.  All people…are surely joined today in grieving the loss of a young life…


“Second, it must now be our collective responsibility to consider the chain of events that led to this horrific outcome and to reflect on how we can each in our own roles better serve our children…


“Third…I say to every student and every parent: I know that many of you are grieving…  I know that some of you are scared and you want answers and reassurance.  But we will not allow any single incident…to break our confidence and faith in each other.”


Brown later surrendered to NRPD at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday and was formally charged as an adult with murder in the second degree. Another hearing is set for next week.



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