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January 2020

Webster School's Ideas For Spreading Peace: Kindness, Smiles and More

How can we all spread peace?


Smiling and showing kindness to all were among the answers Daniel Webster Magnet School students displayed in the colorful posters they created this month.

“Students and teachers were challenged to create bulletin boards on the theme of peace and charity,” said Principal Melissa Passarelli. “That supports our goal of creating an inclusive, respectful and welcoming school environment for all.”


She thanked Magnet Program Coordinator Kathy Coyne and the Webster teachers for the project.


The creation of the posters followed an activity from three months ago, when the students celebrated the International Day of Peace by ringing the school’s peace bell, walking a peace path and reflecting on how they can promote peace in their school, community and around the world. (The actual day, Sept. 21, fell on a Saturday, so the students celebrated it the day before.)


Some posters carry a winter theme. “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts” is the title of one. Another proclaims that “Snowflakes of kindness create a blizzard of happiness!”


Still another poster urges students to “Spread Peace, Give Love.” On it, students posted the ways they encourage peace. Their practices included being kind, listening to parents, joining a schoolmate who is sitting alone and the simplest and most common idea: Smiling.