April 2019

NRHS Students Earn 15 Awards at WESEF

New Rochelle High School was well-represented at this year's Westchester Science & Engineering Fair (WESEF) competition. Fourteen NRHS students won a total of 15 awards at the event.


Jeff Wuebber, supervisor of the Science Research Program at NRHS, said the number of awards far exceeded last year's total - two. The year before, the team won three awards.


Why did NRHS garner more awards this year? Wuebber said it is a combination of the administrators and students gaining more experience, and the school offering the program as a course during the school day (only in its second year), so there is more instructional time for the students. They have been preparing and practicing their presentations since January and, prior to the March 16 competition, also had a practice night.


"I am incredibly proud of how well our students did at WESEF!" he said. "They have worked incredibly hard for the past few years that they have been in our Science Research Program, and I am overjoyed that they were recognized for their hard work."


WESEF is the biggest regional science fair, and it is one of the biggest in the country. There were over 650 students competing from 41 schools.


"I am amazed and gratified that we are able to serve so many gifted and talented students," said Rekha Liveris, chair of the Science Department. "The Science Department is honored to extend our congratulations to our successful science research students."


"WESEF was an amazing opportunity for me to share my research about solar disinfection and to improve my presentation skills, and it encourages me to continue researching in college," student Ruqiyah Syed said.


There were seven specialty award winners: Nathaniel Roth - Mu Alpha Theta Award: For projects involving the use of mathematics in a challenging, original, thorough and creative investigation; Jack Schlamkowitz - NASA Earth System Science Award: For projects that offer insight into Earth's interconnected systems; Ruqiyah Syed - Stockholm Junior Water Prize: For top water-related science projects; Jillian Stokes - United States Air Force Award: For outstanding projects in engineering, mathematics, computer science, life science and/or physical science; Casandra Chen - Critical Behavioral Science Achievement Award: For outstanding projects in behavioral science; Jonny Ecker - Office of Naval Research Award: For outstanding projects in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics; and Liam McKay - Walter Kass Memorial Award: For projects with outstanding research in behavioral science

There were eight category award winners: Second-place award: Josh Berenbaum (Behavioral & Social Sciences); Third-place awards: Jake Egelberg (Cell & Molecular Biology), Griffin Bates (Chemistry), Leora Segal (Neuroscience); and Fourth-place awards: Micaela Cox (Behavioral & Social Sciences), Maura Kelly-Yuoh (Behavioral & Social Sciences), Ruqiyah Syed (Environmental Sciences), Aaron Cohen (Physics & Astronomy).



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