September 2017

Brian G. Osborne, Ed.D

Superintendent Osborne Announces Phase II of $106.5 Million Dollar School Bond

By Stephen E. Lipken


City School District of New Rochelle Superintendent Brian G. Osborne, Ed.D announced Phase II of the construction work for $46 million, associated with the $106.5 million bond passed last year, encompassing New Rochelle High School; Isaac E. Young Middle School and Jefferson Elementary School is now underway.

New playgrounds will also be installed at Barnard, Webster, Trinity, Columbus and Jefferson Elementary Schools.


“The District continues to deepen its implementation of our Theory of Action around instructional improvement,” Dr. Osborne stressed.   “Just a few years ago schools and teachers were using various approaches to curriculum and instruction.  One of the things that I heard clearly when I got here and met with many different groups in the school community was that we should have a clear, consistent and coherent approach to teaching and learning across the entire City.


“In the last two years we have put into place a consistent approach to reading, writing, mathematics; academic interventions for reading in the Primary Grades and professional development around those very important areas…By having a consistent and coherent approach to teaching and  learning we are able to ensure that all of our students have access to and are engaged in our most rigorous curriculum no matter where they go to school…


“In addition we are adding Science; Technology; Engineering; Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Programing, increasing STEAM accessibility…” Osborne noted that Columbus Elementary School’s recent Science; Technology; Reading/Researching; Engineering and Mathematics (STR2EAM) ing into Learning K-5 Convention was a huge success, “allowing deep investigations around the very real and practical problems important to our world…”


“The students researched, creating hands-on exhibitions and experiments …, much of it related to weather and environmental changes…The convention transformed the space of the entire school…so that they could demonstrate their learning to the entire community.”


Osborne emphasized that the District embraces Common Core Standards, “but besides test scores we believe in educating the whole child... Knowledge is expanding exponentially;  studies show that more than 60% of our graduates may hold jobs that do not currently exist.”



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