October 2019

City Council Passes Extensive Legislation

Left to right: Councilmen Albert Tarantino; Ivar Hyden; Commissioner of Parks and Recreation William V. Zimmermann.

By Stephen E. Lipken


Despite a relatively short Tuesday, September 17th Regular Legislative Meeting, (RLM), the New Rochelle City Council passed extensive legislation with Consent Agenda, Resolutions, Ordinances and “For Introduction Only: Proposed Revised Ordinance, Proposed Initiation of Proceedings.”


Noting that extensions for approved site plans tie up square footage and residential units under the Theoretical Development Scenario (TDS) which may otherwise be utilized by other potential projects within the Downtown Overlay Zone (DOZ), it was recommended that the site plan extension fee be reassessed rather than a flat fee.

“Therefore, Development Staff recommends that City Council consider amending 133-123 Site Plan Extension Fee of the Code of New Rochelle from $500 to $1.00 per above-grade square foot of a project, excluding parking.”


Next, City Council adopted a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with Accel7 to permit the occupation of City-owned spaces for the purpose of operating a turn-key downtown business accelerator program, creating a synergy between new development and investment in downtown and business community.


Council then voted to accept an $804,350 grant from New York Department of Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities grant program to be used for complete streets improvement on North Avenue.  Total cost of the project is $1,608,700 through a 50% match from the City ($804,350).


Resolutions included an approval between the City and Police Association (PBA), from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2026 and re-appointment of Edward D. Loughman III to Board of Assessment Review, expiring on September 30, 2024.


With “For Introduction Only: Proposed Revised Ordinance, Proposed Initiation of Proceedings,” the Eminent Domain Procedure Law (EDPL) was exercised to direct Public Hearings (Monday, October 7th) on site acquisition related to Webster Avenue (Jarson Triangle) and 21 Second Avenue in connection with expansion and improvement of the Beechwood Avenue Public Works Facility, plus acquiring property on 813 Main Street in connection with traffic-related improvements.




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