January 2019

2019 Budget Adopted; New Deputy Mayor Appointed

By Stephen E. Lipken


New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson designated Councilman Barry Fertel as 2019 Deputy Mayor at the Thursday, December 13 City Council Regular Legislative Meeting; Lucia Elliot-Speight was reappointed to the Historical Landmark and Review Board.

Council approved the 2019 Budget.


Highlights of the Budget are as follows:


• Reduction in the increase of property tax rate from 2.42% to 1.99%, additional cost of $264,000


• Addition of one Police Sergeant position (additional cost of $147,500)


• Increase in City contribution to Business Improvement District (BID) Clean Street Program (additional cost of $30,000)


• Reinstate City contributions to Interactive Digital Environments Alliance (IDEA), dedicated to promoting a vibrant new Arts and Technology District within the City’s Downtown BID (additional cost of $160,000) and Energize NY program (additional cost of $30,000)


• Funding for recommendation by School District Task Force to keep facilities open later at night (additional cost of $20,000)


• Additional funding for My Brother’s Keeper Program (additional cost of $20,000); Industrial Development Agency and Corporation for Local Development (additional revenue of $135,000)


• Reduction in Police overtime to offset additional Police Sergeant position (reduction of $147,500 in budget)


• Various salary adjustments in City Clerk’s, City Manager’s office ($44,290 reduction in budget) and Youth Bureau office (results in a $99,668 reduction in budget)


• Adjustments to debt service payments, (resulting in $220,000 reduction in budget)


• Adjustment in health insurance rates, a $31,042 reduction in budget.


Other Legislation included setting a Public Hearing for the Planning Board, creating a special Water View Overlay Zone to preserve homeowners’ views of Long Island Sound; organizing a central valet pickup and drop off area on Division Street to serve multiple downtown restaurants, closing five metered spaces from the fire hydrant to the corner by Westchester Place for valet queuing from 5:00 p.m. to Midnight, Friday and Saturday.



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