May 2018

Bramson Commends Student Civics Day Participants, NHRS Wrestler Jake Logan

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Noam Bramson opened the Tuesday, April 10 New Rochelle City Council City of the Whole (COW) meeting by expressing his thanks to Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle students for their participation in the 89th Annual Civics Day in which they played the role of various City Officials and drafted legislation.


The participants’ first recommendation was to institute programs to reduce youth violence “which our Task Force is working on right now,” according to Bramson; secondly, repairing the ramp to the Mascaro Boys Clubhouse and third, fixing potholes, specifically on Union Avenue.


Bramson then proceeded to the Regular Agenda, beginning with a Commendation to New Rochelle High School wrestler Jake Logan for capturing the New York State Championship Title at 182 pounds with a record of 41 wins and no losses.


Next, Bramson discussed restricting bicycles, roller blades and skate boarding inside municipal parking facilities unless traveling to designated bike racks.  Councilman Albert Tarantino decried bicycles riding on sidewalks, endangering pedestrians.  City Manager Charles B. Strome III replied that it is difficult to enforce since Police cannot ticket underage youth.


A proposed Dog Parker Service was outlined by Chelsea Brownridge, CEO and Founder,, along with Co-Founder Randy Ramusack, providing lockable, well ventilated dog houses on City streets at 30 cents a minute, accessible by phone or apps, allowing owners running errands to keep track of their pets.


Brownridge averred that the doghouses would be a boon to businesses, enabling pet owners to shop at their establishments.  She maintained that canines rarely “poop” in their environments and houses are cleaned regularly.  The insured structures will be free to merchants and City, since they are privately sponsored.  Brownridge added that they will not be placed outside banks and insurance companies; power for heating and air will be provided by merchants.


During Citizens to be Heard, resident James O’Toole observed that street lights are out at Huguenot Street and North Avenue; LeCount Place/Anderson Street with a missing Walk/Wait pedestrian sign; middle section of City Hall parking lot, portions of Library Lot plus Centre Avenue/Huguenot Street.




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