April 2019

Uniform Duration Amber Signal Lights Significant Item on RLM Consent Agenda

By Stephen E. Lipken


One significant item on the Tuesday, March 19th New Rochelle City Council Regular Legislative Meeting (RLM) Consent Agenda was a Home Rule Request regarding NYS Assembly Bill A3114 to amend the Vehicle and Traffic Law requiring communities utilizing traffic control devices outfitted with photo monitoring instruments to have amber or yellow or amber lights appear for uniform duration periods.


According to Assemblymember J. Gary Pretlow’s Bill, “1) There shall be displayed a steady circular yellow or amber signal warning traffic that any movement related to a green signal is being terminated and that a red signal will be exhibited immediately thereafter; 2) all yellow or amber signals located on any traffic-control device in such community shall have uniform duration periods (b) as used in this section, ‘photo monitoring instrument’ shall mean cameras, videotapes or . . . recorded messages . . . built into a traffic-control device’s red signal light.”


In other Legislation, a pointed reminder was issued to Ward Acres dog permit owners, saying that a written complaint regarding any canine attacking or biting another person or dog will result in the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation sending notice to the permit holder suspending the dog park permit until after a hearing.


The owner will have 10 calendar days to submit a written request for a hearing to appeal the suspension.  A permit holder who has been suspended may not reapply for a period of 90 days.


If there is a third violation the permit will be revoked.


A Resolution was passed, authorizing the City Manager to execute an Intermunicipal Agreement with Westchester County relative to the Hutchinson River Phase 1 Engineering Drainage Basin Project. City Manager Charles B. Strome III said that the County will cover 50% of engineering expenses with multiple municipalities involved.


“This addresses long standing flooding conditions,” Mayor Noam Bramson noted. “Once the engineering analysis is completed . . . property owners need to consent to improvements on their property.”



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