March 2017

Attorney Richard A. Sosis (with Commendation); Mayor Noam Bramson

Richard A. Sosis Commended for 15 Years of Service on Zoning Board of Appeals

By Stephen E. Lipken


Opening  the Tuesday, February 14th New Rochelle City Council Regular Legislative Meeting, Mayor Noam Bramson awarded a Commendation to attorney Richard A. Sosis for 15 years of service on the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA); eight years as Chair, plus his Presidency of the New Rochelle Bar Association, 2007-2009; 2012-2014.


“I think many of us recognize that serving on volunteer boards that help define the City’s business can be an extraordinarily challenging undertaking,” Bramson observed.  “That is particularly true of boards that exercise the most meaningful and far-ranging legal authority.  The ZBA is… one of those.


“Serving on that board, especially as Chair requires an amazing combination of skills and abilities. You have to be diplomatic, respectful, firm, able to synthesize the viewpoints of colleagues and listen with an open mind to the public, yet at the same time apply the Law in a quasi-judicial fashion.


“New Rochelle is very fortunate to benefit from Richard Sosis’ wide stewardship…always done with love and concern for this community.”


Council than repaired to the Conference Room, where they passed the Consent Agenda, including accepting Bernard Robinson’s gift of a Tom Bills sculpture to be installed at corner of Huguenot Street and LeCount Place; agreement with Tesla Motors for 8 electric vehicle charger stations at New Roc Garage and appropriation of $250,000 of Community Benefit funds to execute an agreement with Westhab relative to job training.


Amid the flurry of protests against President Trump’s immigration policies at the Tuesday, February 7 Committee of the Whole (COW) Citizens to Be Heard,  Ted L’Estrange called attention to [alleged] Chinese harvesting of organs for transplants, taken from executed Falun Gong practitioners and prisoners of conscience.


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