July 2018

Proposed Continuation of DOZ Through Main Street Waterfront Corridor Discussed

By Stephen E. Lipken


Once the Consent Agenda of the, June 19th New Rochelle City Council Regular Legislative Meeting was passed, encompassing Proposed Amendment to Parking Code for Downtown Restaurants; repealing unused portions of certain Bond Authorizations ($200,000 of a 2009 Bond Authorization for Sanitary/Storm Sewers and $75,000 for City Hall Improvements) and creating a Commissioner of Human Resources was passed, discussion turned to proposed Waterfront District Draft Scoping Document of the Downtown Overlay Zone (DOZ) through the Main Street waterfront corridor.


In order to continue the development momentum that has been created downtown, Twining Properties, developers of the proposed Echo Bay waterfront project have proposed continuation of DOZ through the Main Street waterfront corridor (DO-7).


Development Commissioner Luiz Aragon began by showing a map designating DO-7, beginning at McDonald’s, down to LeFevre Lane then wrapping behind McDonald’s.  A Scoping Session is scheduled for July 18 in Conference Room B1 located at 90 Beaufort Place.  Once State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) is approved, zoning for Pratt Landing can go to the Planning Board for Site Plan approval.


Councilman Albert Tarantino indicated that this is a sensitive area in his District with many residents concerned about height and density. “This is a large residential component, with Sutton Manor on one side with a lot of new people moving in with children. On the other side they have been dealing with this issue for the last 15 years. It’s heights versus site lines...”


Discussion concluded with State Charitable Trusts Legislation. City Manager Charles B. Strome III said that there are three tax entities City, School District and County; City collects taxes for all entities. If people decide to give to a Charitable Trust, the tax office will put credits back on tax bills. Strome added that questions about escrow payments addressed to Governor’s representative officials received no reply.  Citizens paying taxes by mortgage would have to pay taxes twice to get a 95% refund.





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