February 2018

City to Accommodate Late Postmarked Property Tax Checks

By Stephen E. Lipken


City Manager Charles B. Strome III announced at the Tuesday, January 9 New Rochelle City Council Committee of the Whole (COW) Meeting that although the City received a number of prepaid property tax checks dated December but postmarked after January, they will rectify the situation.


“Anything we received last week through January 5th with checks dated before December 31st will be posted as a December check...We will send homeowners a statement prior to April so they will know what to give to their accountants,” Strome stated.


Councilman Lou Trangucci asked the amount of the prepayments.  Finance Commissioner Tracy Yogman replied that it was $25 million dollars; normal amount is less than a million.


Trangucci addressed the problem of cars parked in front of residences more than 48 hours.  “Police policy is, once that they are called, they come and mark the tires and parkers have a 48-hour window to move their vehicles.  But if they move the car a foot, that satisfies the officers.  It should be amended that cars must be physically removed from the spots,” Trangucci suggested.  “I am talking about complaint-driven resident requests.”


“Once a car is towed, it becomes an involved legal process to get it back.  We want to be sure that the car is parked there over 48 hours before we start towing,” Strome added.


“We have the letter of the law and spirit of the law and the two may not actually be the same,” Mayor Noam Bramson added.  “I would appreciate a memo outlining how we enforce this now and I would be open to a code change.”


At the evening meeting, Bramson conveyed a Special Presentation to students Daniela and Sofia Miceli for raising over $50,000 to combat Alzheimer’s Disease.  During Citizens to be Heard, resident Robert McCaffrey advocated Governor Andrew Cuomo, President Donald Trump and City join to develop solar or wind farms on David’s Island; developing affordable housing, safe construction sites and enforcement of the 48-hour parking limit in front of homes.


Paul J. Sutera, Iona College Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs emphasized that full residence halls promote student scholarships and employment, plus students on Meal Plans contribute $ 2.2 million dollars to local dining establishments.



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