September 2017

Assembly Members Paulin, Otis Announce $250K NYS Grant for Beechmont Lake

The City of New Rochelle will be the recipient of a $250K New York State grant for the remediation of Beechmont Lake, Assembly Members Steve Otis and Amy Paulin announced at a joint event lakeside with City officials including Mayor Noam Bramson, Council Member Barry Fertel, City Manager Chuck Strome, Public Works Commissioner Scott Pickup and Parks & Recreation Commissioner Bill Zimmermann.

Beechmont Lake, one of the City’s most picturesque lakes, needs dredging in order to restore its ecological health, beauty, and water retention capacity, which will also assist with flooding mitigation.


“Beechmont Lake is one of the crown jewels in New Rochelle,” said New Rochelle City Council Member Barry Fertel. “We are extremely grateful to our Assembly representatives Amy Paulin and Steve Otis for their efforts in obtaining this grant, which will allow us to plan for and design the enhancement and improvement of the lake.”


“Natural resources like Beechmont Lake are essential to our environment, quality of life, and property values,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “These funds, together with a strong commitment from the City itself, will go a long way to ensuring that this special place is protected and preserved for today’s residents and future generations.”


Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said, “Beechmont Lake’s beauty is striking to anyone who knows New Rochelle. It adds so much to the aesthetic and natural health of the community. So I was concerned over the years as I personally observed the decline of the lake. We all look forward to partnering with the City of New Rochelle to restore this beautiful lake.”


Assemblyman Steve Otis said, “Beechmont Lake is a wonderful natural asset that must be protected. Unfortunately, time and nature have taken their toll on the lake, so I am pleased that we were able to secure this state grant to address flooding issues and help restore the ecological health of this beautiful natural resource that adds so much to the New Rochelle community.”


Beechmont Association President Victor Stanionis stated, “The Beechmont Association and the residents of Beechmont are most grateful to Assembly Members Amy Paulin and Steve Otis for obtaining the $250K NYS Grant for the remediation and dredging of Beechmont Lake. In addition, we are also grateful for the efforts of Mayor Noam Bramson, Council Member Barry Fertel, City Manager Chuck Strome, Public Works Commissioner Scott Pickup, and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Bill Zimmerman for their help and assistance. Beechmont Lake is the centerpiece of the Beechmont residential community and the Association has worked to achieve this goal for the past thirty-seven years.” In 2014, the Beechmont Neighborhood Association dedicated two lake fountains which both beautify the lake and help to aerate and circulate the water.



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