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January 2020

Electric-Powered Shuttle Bus Service Commended at City Council RLM

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Noam Bramson opened the December 16th Regular Legislative Meeting (RLM) by presenting a report by Commissioner of Development Luiz Aragon regarding CircuitNR, the free electric-powered shuttle bus service, that began on a trial basis that expires in January. Aragon expressed hope to secure funding from Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to continue.


Aragon introduced bus operator Alex Esposito whose presentation began with facts that 35% of vehicle trips are under 2 miles; looking for parking accounts for 30% of congestion and that traffic is worse than ever, increasing emissions and decreasing productivity.


“Everything is focused on getting people out of their cars for these short trips, encouraging them to ride together in our shuttles and connecting them with the Train Station so there is less dependency on parking,” Esposito began.


“We were fortunate to be able to participate in the Thanksgiving Parade, shuttling some of the veterans who were unable to march,” Esposito said and noted a spike in people getting out of their offices, going to lunch.


Councilman Jared R. Rice pointed out that the service is catering to local citizens, “and not just people coming into New Rochelle.”  Councilman Barry Fertel advocated expanding the shuttle to Parkside on Fifth Avenue.


The meeting moved to Council Chambers, where Resolutions included commending New Rochelle High School Football team on winning the NYS Public High School Athletic Association Class AA State Championship; appointment of City Council Member-elect Yadira Ramos-Herbert as Deputy Mayor for 2020 and agreement with VeoRide relative to the City’s Bike Share Program.


Consent Agenda included a proposed agreement with the Lincoln Park Conservancy to operate an art gallery at 381-393 Huguenot LLC Project and site plan approval to Wilder Balter Partners, Inc. and L+M Development Partners to redesign and reconstruct Anderson Plaza.