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Don’t Forget About Fido in Your Estate Plan

The time to focus on your estate planning is now. If you do, then you will have taken a giant step towards making things easier for your family and loved ones. 

TABLE HOPPING with Morris Gut


Girl in Transit: A Hole Lotta Summer Fun

The epic landscapes of western Wyoming, surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges, represent some of America’s most iconic scenery. Jackson Hole has been called “the last and best of the Old West” and refers to the entire valley in which the town of Jackson is located.  One of the alluring aspects of this valley is its close proximity to Grand Teton National Park and the vast Teton Wilderness – which is comprised of nearly 600,000 acres and is only a mile from the town of Jackson.  Blessed with pristine forests, sparkling lakes, and expansive meadows, the area is an absolute haven for outdoor recreation and adventure.