November 2017

Choice of Westchester Opening in a New Location in New Rochelle

The Grand Opening of the new Choice of Westchester facility is Thursday, October 19, 2017 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Dignitaries from the city and surrounding communities will be on hand, and the evening’s host, executive director, Guy Fessenden, and members of the boards of directors, will be available for comment. Westchester County’s most successful non-profit outreach and advocacy program dedicated to the homeless and the afflictions plaguing this population has relocated its facility from 420 North Avenue in New Rochelle, to its own building at 71 North Avenue.


This life-changing organization, which has its roots in New Rochelle, has extended those ties and its long-term commitment to the city by purchasing the location and by committing to extensive renovations.  Moreover, it is yet another addition to the renaissance of New Rochelle’s downtown.


Food and light refreshments will be served and tours of the facility will be ongoing throughout the evening.  For more about Choice of Westchester visit



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